Prints For Sale


Shown below, is just a sample selection of prints which I available for you to purchase.

For information on prices and details of other Terence Cuneo
prints available, please contact me.

“Evening Star”

“Castles at Tyseley”

“Docklands LightRailway”
“Express Engines¬†at Tyseley”

“Festiniog Workhorse”

“Lickey Incline”

“The Night King”

“Storm Over Southall”

“The Great Marquess”

“Ceremonyof the Keys”

“Air Drop”

“First Air Post”


“Sleigh Post”

“Shire Horseand Foal”

“The Queen with HerDogs atFrogmore”

“Gun Fightat theOK Corral”

“Deputy Marshallof Tombstone”


In 1946 Ford Motor Company Limited commissioned Terence Cuneo to record, on canvas, 6 images featuring post war Dagenham vehicle production. Four of these are shown below and are available as fine quality framed or unframed prints, individually or in a set of two or three.


“Dagenham Jetty”

“Final Assembly”

“Quality Inspection”

“Vehicle Inspection”